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  • Hercules Calcium 14000

    One valiant hero, three mighty ingredients. 

    Strong and healthy starts here!

    Hercules melty tabs are packed with calcium, vitamin D3, and vitamin K2 — a trio that’s terrific for building strong bones and teeth while also supporting the optimal use of calcium.

    Little heroes need these nutrients for growth, muscles, and nerves, too.

    Hercules vegan melty tabs taste like sweet grape goodness, but they’re free from sugar and junk. Nutrition quest accomplished!

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  • Renzo’s Dynamite D3 12500

    Vitamin D3 is often referred to as the sunshine vitamin, as kids can get most of their D3 from playing outdoors. However, not all kids can receive safe and adequate exposure to sunlight on a daily basis, so that’s where our Dynamite D3 comes in. Our D3 tastes yummy with just a Lil’ Green Apple, and plays a significant role in promoting strong bones and teeth. Plus it’s plant-based! This means our D3 is 100% Vegan, so no sheep were harmed in the making of these Melty Tabs :)

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  • Renzo’s Invincible Vitamin C 12500

    Supercharge your kid’s immune system.

    Meet the Immunity Superheroes!

    This incredible vitamin is packed with the antioxidant power of Vitamin C, Zinc, and Elderberry. When they combine forces, they help protect and strengthen your kiddo’s immunity.*

    Made without any sugar, gelatin, or GMOs, it’s easy to see why Renzo’s is a favorite of moms and pediatricians.

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  • Renzo’s Iron Strong 12500

    We use a special form of iron that’s gentle on the tummy and is absorbed more steadily than the cheap forms used in most products. This is all part of our secret formula that makes it especially perfect for kids who need iron.  Who thought iron could taste so good?

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  • Renzo’s Picky Eater Multi 14000

    We can’t promise that you’ll always win the epic battle of getting your kids to eat healthfully. But we can promise that they will love the taste of our Cherry Cherry Mo’ Cherry multivitamin. It is specially formulated to cover any nutritional gaps as well as your peace of mind. Our founder, Dr. Rocca, hand-selected 18 vitamins that cover the whole wellness of your child, from immunity to cardiovascular to cell membrane health.*

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  • Renzo’s Yummy Tummy Probiotic 12500

    Happiness = balance. Especially when it comes to kids’ tummies.

    That’s why we carefully chose four of the best probiotic strains that are proven to be gentle and effective in children. Take our favorite, Bifidobacterium longum (say that three times fast), which promotes better immunity when present early in a child’s life.

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