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Sugar is sugar. No matter how you coat it.

Give your kids two months of daily gummy vitamins, and they’ll be eating nearly half a bottle’s worth of sugar. Sure, they may be labeled as ‘organic’ or ‘fair trade,’ but ‘gummies’ are still tiny bombs of sugar at the end of the day. Is it a coincidence that ‘gummies’ auto-corrects to ‘dummies?’ We think not.


The Sticky Business of Gummies

What’s in a vitamin gummy? At least 3g of sugar—even in the ones that claim to be all-natural, organic or wholesome. That’s almost a teaspoon of the bad stuff. We think it’s bad practice to pawn off these tiny sugar bombs as something that’s ‘good’ for your kids. As parents, we used to be stuck thinking that vitamin gummies were a sound way to cover our kids’ nutritional needs. We’re here to tell you there’s a better way.


A gummy a day keeps the dentist at play

Did you know that a vitamin gummy has the same amount of sugar (per gram) as an Oreo? Add the stickiness factor, little teeth and questionable tooth-brushing skills, and you can see why some dentists urge parents to steer clear of gummies.

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Vitamins for Kids


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